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The Digital Therapist

In the Winter 2018 issue of Reflexions, our quarterly WebHealer article was titled "The Digital Therapist" and traced the history of internet adoption in the therapy sector and looks ahead to where we are likely to be in 4 or 5 years.

The Digital Therapist

We would all agree that a website is now an essential part of a therapy practice and every year there seems to be some new digital trend to accommodate. This article is an extract from the new WebHealer report “The Digital Therapist” which traces the history of internet adoption in the therapy sector and looks ahead to where we are likely to be in 4 or 5 years.

Internet adoption by therapists is similar in many regards to that by any other sector but perhaps just slightly slower. Key events such as the rise of the mobile internet trigger new waves of change for all of us and some sectors respond quickly. Yet until it became the norm and people expected to be able to search for a therapist using their phone it made more sense to wait until mobile friendly technologies became mainstream (and cheaper) rather than rush in and incur a lot of expense.

Another big consequence of the mobile internet was that it facilitated online booking systems. Big hotels have had online booking for years but it was impractical for the owner of a small holiday cottage to synchronise their paper diary with online bookings until smartphones replaced the diary and everything was in one place. There was also early demand for this as we all value up to date availability when booking a holiday cottage. Restaurants followed and we are just now getting to the point where it is commonplace for people to use online booking which is why it will soon become the norm for therapy websites.

Customers of WebHealer can now enable a Book Now feature which adds an option to their website sidebar allowing visitors to book online using a 3rd party service like 10to8.

Our infographic diagram taken from our report The Digital Therapist shows the key events identified by WebHealer as being influential in the adoption of internet technologies by therapists and what is likely to come in the next few years. The infographic along with the full report is available as a supplement to our eBook Using the Web to Attract More Clients available from www.webhealer.net

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