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Association of Reflexologists

WebHealer has been the preferred supplier of websites to members of the Association of Reflexologists since 2004. We work closely with the AoR Head Office, supporting their initiatives as well as offering preferential terms for members.

Preferential terms

WebHealer offer discounts and bonus features for AoR members. We reduce the setup fee by 75% as well as providing a bonus page. In addition WebHealer have developed a fast track system for listing new websites on the searchable AoR directory of reflexologists in order to gain the advantage of that important listing as soon as possible.

These benefits are available to all AoR membership categories apart from "Friend" and "Non Practitioner", so if you are an honorary member, full member or just a student or associate reflexologist member you can take advantage of these terms. Just let the WebHealer support team know you are a member of the Association of Reflexologists and the preferential terms will be applied automatically.

Reflexions Journal

Reflexions is the official journal of the Association of Reflexologists. Published quarterly it is a high quality editorially driven journal which has been keeping members of the AoR up to date on the news that is important to reflexologists since 1984. It covers both clinical news and latest research as well as matters of practice management, including the business of therapy and marketing. Since 2004 WebHealer has been a regular contributor to the journal, providing advice to members whether they are customers of WebHealer or not.

WebHealer articles cover a range of subjects all of which have the common theme of helping reflexologists get maximum advantage from their website. Often the articles expand on subjects which are covered in the WebHealer eBook Using the Web to Attract More Clients available from WebHealer. Specific subjects range from technical matters like search engine optimisation to softer more people focussed subjects such as the psychology of how visitors respond to colour when viewing a website.

To obtain the most recent issue, Summer 2019, you'll need to contact the AoR directly, however we have been given permission to republish older WebHealer articles here.

Using Colour to Maximum Advantage

As Winter turns into Spring we can observe flowers use their most powerful tool for growth and prosperity – colour. Used well, colour attracts, impresses and seduces. The online world is no different in that regard.

The power of colour
Just like the birds and the bees colour attracts us too and has a surprisingly powerful effect. The visual stimulus releases hormones and affects our mood and behaviour. One study found that up to 90% of subconscious judgement about a product is based on colour alone.
Our chart shows some of the associations we have with colour in the West - there are variations in other parts of the world. It explains why many counselling websites are based around a blue colour scheme and why purple and green are popular choices for holistic therapies and natural medicines.

Just as important as the choice of primary colour though is harmony. Heavy handed use of a vibrant purple combined with pink, yellow and green will not send a message of love, luxury and a life with natural energy. A visual cacophony is more likely. A good rule of thumb is to stick to no more than three main colours, one primary and two accent colours, and often one accent colour is sufficient with additional subtle tones of the main colours. Try experimenting with the website color.adobe.com which will generate interesting palettes for you.

WebHealer Video
If your website is with WebHealer we provide a number of tools to help you personalise your colour scheme and overall look. The primary tools are the Colour Scheme Editor and the new Design Customiser. Choosing a good colour scheme that is in harmony with the images and content of your website can make a huge difference to the appeal and professionalism of a website.

WebHealer has just released a video to help clients and any other AoR member achieve this harmony using simple techniques to picking colours. See our blog page to view the video www.webhealer.net/blog

For more about colour see our eBook
There is a more in depth section on colour in the “Integrity” section of our eBook Using the Web to Attract More Clients. Download it from WebHealer

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