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PhD Interactive: Helping small business profit from the web

Passionate about great design, value for money and producing results for our clients

PhD Interactive Ltd have been trusted by over 6,000 small businesses to meet their constantly evolving requirements for a website. We offer more than the usual fare of web hosting, web design, tools for content management etc. Any business looking to exploit the web wants results, and that is what we specialise in - which is why we operate in four sectors to serve our clients better. Common features of our service include:

Value for Money
Passionate about delivering results for our customers in a highly cost-effective way.

Easy Self-Updating
A friendly step-by-step approach - simple enough for technophobes and thorough enough for enthusiasts.

Effective Promotion
We specialise in getting our customers' websites to the top of the world's favourite search engines.

Get Up & Running Fast!
We'll create your free 2-week trial website and send you a link to it the same day.

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Get started quickly, with low setup and design charges

We take an innovative approach to design. Most of our clients are small businesses with limited budgets and technical resources, so we enable anyone to start a website with very low design and setup charges, providing an off-the-shelf design tailored to their sector of work.

In time clients can choose to upgrade this design with low-cost customisation options, or for a more professional and sophisticated design we partner with Griffen Mill Pixel Factory. This is typical of our approach in all areas of our service: we want to provide you with a quality website for the lowest cost and retain your custom over many years, rather than seeking to make a fast buck.

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Our Core Business Areas:

Websites and website development is at the heart of what we do, but what we seek to achieve for our clients is results. What that means depends on what you do of course. It may mean more clients, more sales or simply time saving.

Only by specialising in selected business areas, are we able to understand what results are important to you. We specialise in four areas:

We do also create general websites for those who ask, but in our four areas of specialism we are able to go further: development of marketing aids, continuous refinement of search engine techniques, ongoing research into specialist website design requirements.

Overall, our aim is to help all our clients to gain more business through their websites, and that provides the focus for all elements of our service. For example, a recent addition, currently in beta test with some clients is an email newsletter service.

Let us help your business...

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We’ve created over 6,000 websites since 1999, learning a thing or two along the way about what makes a website work. Call us for a chat on 0345 557 0300, or contact us by email.

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