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Webhealer logoPHD Interactive develops counselling websites, complementary therapy websites, life coaching websites and a range of alternative medicine websites covering areas such as reflexology, hypnotherapy, homeopathy and more under the name of WebHealer.

Professional Associations

A large number of therapists, clinics, practitioners, teachers, life coaches, counsellors and others in the health care sector host and run websites with us. Most are members of a professional association which provides guidelines or regulations for ethical practice. These include the BACP, the UKCP, the British Acupuncture Council, the General Osteopathic Council and the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP). An increasing number of these highly regarded professional associations have also endorsed WebHealer as their preferred supplier of websites to members. At present these include the AACP and the Association of Reflexologists, for which WebHealer is proud to have had a very long standing association since 2004.

Delivering Results for our Clients

searchMAX logo - WebHealer system for search optimisationAn important reason why therapists, clinics, practitioners, teachers and counsellors choose WebHealer for their website is our success in obtaining top places on major search engines, which leads to more website visitors, more enquiries and more clients.

We achieve these using our proprietary searchMAX process and tools. searchMAX is used by all our business areas, not just WebHealer, and is fine tuned to specific sectors. The system is very comprehensive, including simple analysis tools, to help you keep your web pages Google friendly, as well as guidance and advice from our trained searchMAX consultants, on choosing and targetting search phrases which will be most beneficial. Performance varies by business area, but with WebHealer we typically find that 80%+ of our clients are on page one for key phrases that are important to their business. Top placement on search engines reflects the underlying principle behind our business - we don't just want to run your website, we want to help you get more clients.

Promoting our Clients Online

In fact search engine work is only part of WebHealer's many initiatives to help our clients achieve success on the web. Several directories promote WebHealer clients online, and we support charities such as Samaritans, via the WebHealer Feel Good Friday - Therapy Map.

WebHealer Websites by Therapy Area

You may notice that a great many of our therapists are in London, however you will find that we provide support for therapists throughout the UK.

Beautiful Designs

At Webhealer, we create beautiful designs for our clients, but we're also passionate about providing incredible value for money. That's why we offer a unique approach to website design, that provides something for every situation and budget. Just tell us what is most important to you in a design:

A final option, for which we have a lot of demand, is where clients come to us with an existing website they love, but want to switch to WebHealer to take advantage of our success with search engines, or the ability to update the contents yourself easily. We can help with that too.

What's New at WebHealer

May 11th, 2017 This year we've decided to focus on helping our clients make the most of the features that come with WebHealer websites, so we're making a series of tutorial videos to guide clients through step by step. The first one of these has been released and covers the use of submenus and ensuring the navigation menu is simple and intuitive for website visitors.

Mar 22nd, 2017 We just upgraded our PHD Forms service with some great new features to help therapists create patient enquiry forms, online questionnaires, event registrations/bookings and much more. It comes with encrypted connections for extra security of personal information and lots of extra features.
Jan 17th, 2017 A new Super Hero design for 2017! We've relaunched the popular Super Hero design with a fresh new look and enhanced functionality, especially in terms of mobile responsiveness. It's part of our new trickle down philosophy of learning from the inspiration and innovation that the gold designers at Griffen Mill are producing and then simplifying and reworking these for our Silver customers. See the new design via the WebHealer Silver Design Tour.
Nov 22nd, 2016 We launched our 200th Silver design a few days ago. This low cost design solution is proving very popular, and we're now working on trying to develop a trickle down approach to take the innovations of our gold designers and to simplify them a little to make them usable by our Silver designers. A new SuperHero design should be the first beneficiary of this, due in the next few weeks.
Sep 15th, 2016 We just upgraded the content management system with a very useful new feature we call "go to pages". It's now very easy to use images as a click through to featured pages, such as special offers, gift vouchers or new blog entries.
Jul 21st, 2016 Very exciting to announce that WebHealer have just launched their 5,000th therapist website since the business was founded over a dozen years ago. Even more reassuring is that the majority of those clients are still with WebHealer, many of them from the very early years. WebHealer celebrated with a promotion offering a chance to win a free Silver design to clients who Followed @webhealer_net on Twitter and Retweeted their 5,000 customer announcement. Raising the quality of design for WebHealer clients is a key goal for 2016 and we're working closely with our designer partners to achieve this.
Mar 8th, 2016 There's so much innovation going on at present, the challenge is to communicate it effectively. We just overhauled our email solutions to improve functionality, beat spam better and offer easier multi-device usage. Design continues to improve as ever and our new paragraph styles feature being developed by the Gold design team is producing beautiful results. The analysis boffins are also digging in the data to uncover new insights to share with clients and help them get higher search engine placement and more enquiries.
Dec 3rd, 2015 It is an absolute pleasure to see the quality of design that our friends at Griffen Mill Pixel factory are producing for WebHealer clients these days. We've already said that the Silver service is going down well, but the designs being created by the Gold design team at the moment are just exquisite. See Gold Designs
Oct 7th, 2015 We're really pleased to announce the launch of our 100th Silver Design. Our silver design service is a new low cost offering delivered via our friends Griffen Mill Pixel Factory. Its really quite amazing how they manage to produce such beautiful and unique designs for such a low cost - usually only £25. Its only been going a few months so to notch up 100 designs already shows how much WebHealer clients like the service. See the WebHealer Silver Design Tour for more information.
Mar 11th, 2015 We've been very slow updating this what's new section. Our only excuse is that we've been so busy building new features. Our newest is the Colour Scheme Designer - great for customising the colour scheme of your website with a nice WYSIWYG editor. Its much easier than our old editor and in fact good fun to play with colours and schemes.
Jan 3rd, 2014 Happy new year everyone. Normally at this time of year we're helping Samaritans with their Feel Good Friday campaign, but in 2014 its been postponed until later in the year. Another charity we started working more closely with in 2013 was AVIF, so we're applying some of our energies now on developing that link more closely. You can read more on AVIF's WebHealer page.
Sept 17th, 2013 Mobile colourMAX launched today. There's a huge amount of innovation gone into this latest design platform. Not only is it responsive and mobile friendly, but the use of Google Fonts finally solves the issue of cross platform font differences. That last element alone required the development of a whole new Style & Design section for clients, with much better usability and functionality.
July 29th, 2013 We were very proud to issue a press release jointly with Samaritans, announcing the total raised by our support of their Feel Good Friday campaign in 2013 - almost £3,000 - which represents a significant contribution to their costs for keeping this vital service running.
April 18th, 2013 An exciting announcement about the WebHealer A La Carte service today. This is a custom design service created with partners Griffen Mill Pixel Factory in 2009. It offers WebHealer clients unique customised websites at very low cost. Todays press release confirms the launch of the 500th redesign built using this system.
April 18th, 2013 We launched our WebHealer YouTube channel today. Check out our first video upload of the WebHealer Newsletter system.
March 6, 2013 We contacted all our clients who participated in Feel Good Friday 2013, and asked if they would like to give us their feedback and relate any stories of how the day went for them. We were delighted by the response, and have added a few of them to our blog page webhealer.tumblr.com. Many of our clients were very generous with their honesty and good will. In fact we were so taken by a few of the messages, that we told Samaritans about the response, and they added several of the stories to their own Feel Good Friday website, feedback page.
February 22, 2013 Feel Good Friday was an unequivocal success. We had 158 therapists on the map, and we have just heared from Samaritans that over £700 has been received so far, with more to come. We anticipate that over £1,000 will be raised this year, which with our fund matching will result in substantial £2,000 raised for Samaritans. Samaritans were also very kind to offer a personalised quote on behalf of their Director of Fundraising, which our clients are able to display on their websites, which conveys a very positive message all round.
January 30, 2013 Only 2 days to go, and our WebHealer Feel Good Friday page is now ranking in position 2 - 3 on Google for searches for "feel good friday". Fantastic! We also have over 150 therapists on the map, which makes for a 50% increase in numbers from last year. Let's see what we/they raise in funds now.
January 18,2013 Just two weeks to go until Feel Good Friday. We have 122 therapists on our interactive map now, which is about a dozen more than we had in total last year. We're planning to send out a few more tips and suggestions shortly for making the most of this event, so that should increase numbers a little.
January 2, 2013 First workday of 2013, and we're focussed on achieving a successful Feel Good Friday campaign now. We already have 21 clients on the therapy map, and we've yet to fully launch our client communications.
December 14, 2012 The Feel Good Friday Therapy Map 2013 is live, and already has a first client listed. The aim is to achieve double the uptake and fund raising in 2013 compared to 2012. See the Feel Good Friday page on WebHealer.
November 2, 2012 Congratulations to our strategic design partner Griffen Mill Pixel Factory. Their recently relaunched website www.griffenmill.com looks great.
August 20, 2012 WebHealer upgrades searchMAX in response to Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithm changes. Promoting professional therapists to top places on Google has always been core to our service, and at the heart of this is the searchMAX toolset and methodology. We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to searchMAX in response to Google's recent changes - the Google Penguin update and Google Panda update. See our full press release
August 8, 2012 1,000,000 and counting. Latest stats for July 2012 show that cumulative page views of Webhealer client sites has topped 1 million per month.
June 6, 2012 Samaritans have confirmed that WebHealer clients raised £428 via our Feel Good Friday campaign. We know at least £100 was also paid direct to branches, so we beat £500. Its a start but we plan to do bigger and better next year - at least £1,000 ! See our full press release
March 23, 2012 We signed contracts with the AACP today, and are now proud to be the preferred supplier of websites to their members. See our full press release
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