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Complementary therapy and alternative medicine websites

Webhealer logoPHD Interactive develops complementary therapy websites under the name of WebHealer. A large number of natural therapy clinics, sole practitioners, and complementary therapy groups offering all forms of complementary therapy host and run websites with us. Many are members of one of the multi-disciplinary professional associations such as The Federation of Holistic Therapists or The Guild of Professional Practitioners

An important reason why practitioners, health centres and clinics choose WebHealer for their complementary therapy, alternative medicine or natural therapy website is our focus on results. Hosting is a cheap commodity service these days, but online success is much much harder to deliver. It requires a coherent strategy incoprorating design, search engine optimisation, user interface optimisation, visitor engagement, and calls to action. Getting all these things right leads to more website visitors, more enquiries and more clients. That is what we do for a large number of therapists and clinics. See for yourself below or on our extended list of complementary therapy websites page.

The links below list most of our clients with complementary therapy and alternative medicine websites - some clients may be listed under a different category. To find out more about joining this list, visit www.webhealer.net

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  • Millie Wood Swanepoel RCST
    This is one of our most loyal and longstanding websites running a nine page gold design. This customer required the larger 'basic plus' package and makes ad hoc use of the potential for self updating. Incidentally this website also includes resizing images.www.milliewoodswanepoel.com
  • Nail Extensions of Guildford
    Presenting a site launched in 2005 sporting one of our silver designs, in this case the layout known as Super Hero. Nail Extensions signed up for our basic package, periodically using the Administration Area.www.nail-extensions.org.uk
  • Holistic Health Team
    Pip Bateman has had a website with us for over twelve years and has now selected a seven page bespoke Silver Logo on White design on our basic package. The site is updated now and again with the simple user edit tools with the last homepage update last April. Turning to social media their site links in with Facebook in the social links widget.www.holistichealthteam.com
  • Samantha Flower
    Samantha Flower has had this site with WebHealer for over twelve years and is now employing a eight page Griffen Mill created Gold design on the larger 'basic plus' service. This website is modified occasionally using our easy web based editor with the homepage edited this month. For social media this site has connections to Facebook in the social links widget. Lastly this site also makes use of a mobile responsive sidebar.www.samanthaflower.co.uk
  • Healer, Mentoring and Business Trainer in North London - Louise Wilde
    Here is one of our very earliest sites utilising our gold design service. This customer elected for the larger 'basic plus' package and from time to time uses the potential for self updating. You may notice that this client also incorporates resizing images.www.louisewilde.org
  • Maggie Bavington
    This time a very well established site showing the scope of a seven page silver design, this particular one being a layout known as Action Hero. Maggie Bavington went for our basic package and makes good use of the built in content management features.www.acupuncture-shiatsu.co.uk
  • Crohn's Colitis Solutions
    Crohn's Colitis Solutions has trusted their site with us since mid 2007 currently active with a five page custom made Gold design on our basic service. This site is updated now and again using our built in content manager. Lastly the website also employs Google's analytics plugin.www.crohns-colitis-solutions.co.uk
  • Mascha Mieris, Reflexologist
    Mascha Mieris has kept this website with us for over ten years and is presently on a ten page Griffen Mill created Silver Action Hero design on the larger 'basic plus' package. This site is modified occasionally with the simple user edit tools with the last modification to the homepage in June. The site's 'Price List ' page includes click to enlarge images. Incidentally their website also employs a live AoR verification seal.www.maschamieris.co.uk
  • Pauline Richardson Bsc(Hons), HND,Dip
    This URL is for a longstanding website with a seven page custom made Gold design. This client subscribes to the larger 'basic plus' service, now and again utilising the built in content management features. Of interest this site also incorporates our mobile friendly sidebar option.www.paulinerichardson.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapy
    Here is one of our very earliest websites created with our silver design service, in this case the layout known as Logo on White. This client wanted our basic service and is a periodic user of the built in content management features as well as linking the site up with Facebook. Note that this customer also makes use of our mobile friendly sidebar option and takes PayPal on their 'Food Intolerance Testing' page.www.bewellnutrition.co.uk
  • Amanda Weller
    Quantum Being has kept this website with WebHealer for over seven years currently showing a ten page tailor-made Gold design on the larger 'basic plus' service. This website is often updated using our web editor with most recent homepage update this month. Their 'Health & Wellbeing Form' page features an interactive PHD Form and pop-up images can be seen on 'Contact/Events'. Turning to social media this site links to Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus in the social links widget plus live feed from Twitter. Finally their site also incorporates Google analytics.www.quantumbeing.co.uk
  • cbt - hypnotherapy - hypnobirthing - doula - mindfulness - aromatherapy
    katrina berry, hypnobirthing, doula & clinical aromatherapist has kept a site with PHD Interactive since December 2008 and the current version uses a eight page custom made Gold design on our basic package. This website is often updated via the web based editor with the last modification to the homepage in October. The site's 'Born Together' page incorporates click to enlarge images. With regard to social media the site gives links to Twitter and Facebook in the sidebar and an embedded Twitter feed. A final comment is that this site also features alternating/fading images in the hero area.www.katrinaberry.co.uk
  • Kathy Arnold Therapies
    This URL is for one of our most loyal and longstanding clients with a seven page unique Silver Super Hero design. Kathy Arnold required our basic service and is an ad hoc user of our content manager. Another interesting note is that this site also has plugin Google analytics.www.kathyarnoldtherapies.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapy and Reflexology for Bishops Stortford and Harlow - Reflexologist in Hertfordshirewww.zelcooktherapies.co.uk
  • Reflexology in Farnborough Hampshire. Pregnancy Reflexology & Bodytalk near Camberleywww.gaiaholistictherapies.co.uk
  • Osteopathy for East London and Hackney. Massage and Acupuncture in Bethnal Greenwww.theplanetree.co.uk
  • Kinesiology in Devon. Energy Healing training courses for Exeterwww.energycourses.co.uk
  • Nutritionist for Swindon and Newbury. Therapist offering Nutritional Therapy near Oxfordwww.helennutritionaltherapist.co.uk
  • Music classes for babies in Wimbledon and Raynes Park. Movement classes for toddlers and baby in south west Londonwww.jiggleandjam.co.uk
  • Beauty and massage therapy in Epwell near Banbury. Brazilian waxing for Oxfordshirewww.thecroftbeautystudio.co.uk
  • Bowen Therapy for Windsor and Bracknell. Bowen Technique for Bourne Endwww.abalancedbodywithbowen.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapist in Bermondsey, South East London. Nutritional Therapy in Southwarkwww.sarahstokesnutrition.co.uk
  • Complementary Therapy in Clifton and Central Bristol. Swedish Massage and Reflexologywww.zunzuntherapies.co.uk
  • Children's sports & physical activity classes in Hersham, Guildford & Cobham. Kids activitieswww.muddybootskidssports.com
  • Wedding & Funeral Celebrant in Bournemouth. Independent Celebrant near Poole, Dorsetwww.louisereynoldscelebrant.co.uk
  • Allergy and Food Intolerance Testing in England. Blood testing for Allergies UKwww.allergy-testing-uk.co.uk
  • Fibromyalgia & CFS Treatment in Sligo Ireland. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome therapy for Dublinwww.thebootreeclinic.com
  • Buteyko Breathing in Basildon Essex. Asthma help near Harlowwww.essexbuteyko.com
  • Osteopathy, Podiatry & Acupuncture in Northwood, near Harrow and Watfordwww.alternativesnorthwood.co.uk
  • Nutrition in London - Allergy and Candida Specialist in Londonwww.nutritionalmedicine.org.uk
  • IBS Treatment Clinic in London, UK, treating Candida and IBS - The IBS & Gut Disorder Centrewww.ibs-solutions.co.uk
  • Dolly Garton Well Being
    This link is for a very well established website built on Bronze (includes user customise options). This customer chose our basic service and is a frequent user of the potential for self updating. Finally this customer also makes use of our mobile friendly sidebar option.www.dollygartonwellbeing.co.uk
  • The Treatment Tree
    This link is for one of our most loyal and longstanding sites showing the scope of the Curvy ColourMax design with eight pages. This client went for our basic service and is an ad hoc user of the Administration Area. You may notice that this website also includes resizing images.www.leanneliddletherapies.co.uk
  • Emma Louise Beauty Treatments
    The link below takes you to one of our very earliest clients with a six page Curvy ColourMax design set to the default styling. This client elected for our basic service, making frequent use of the potential for self updating.www.emmalouisebeauty.co.uk
  • Beautiful Balance
    The link below takes you to a very longstanding customer with a nine page Mobile ColourMax design and default styling. This customer opted for the larger 'basic plus' package, regularly using the update area. Finally this site also includes hidden menu pages.www.beautifulbalance.co.uk
  • Reiki in Maidenhead. Complementary Therapies,Crystal Therapy near Windsor and Slough
    Karen Jenkins has had a website with WebHealer since mid 2008 and is now employing a six page bronze design with default colour scheme on our basic package. This website is occasionally updated via the online Admin Area with most recent homepage update last February. Finally their site also incorporates hidden pages.www.karenjenkins.co.uk
  • Complementary & Beauty Therapy Treatments in Faversham
    Soul Solutions has had their site with WebHealer for over nine years and is now live with a eighteen page Standard Colour Max design, with a personal colour scheme on our premium service. This site is user edited on occasion using our web editor with most recent homepage update in October.www.soul-solutions.com
  • i love life Therapies
    This URL is for a very longstanding customer with a six page Social ColourMax design with default colours. This customer wanted our basic package, making occasional use of our content manager and linking in with Twitter and Facebook. Note that this website also makes use of a live Twitter feed.www.ilovelifeholistictherapies.com
  • Bexleyheath Colonic Hydrotherapy Centre
    The link below takes you to a very well established website with a five page Curvy ColourMax design unmodified by the client. Louise Kisi chose our basic service and makes periodic use of our content manager.www.bexleyheathcolonichydrotherapy.co.uk
  • Imogen Daulby Nutrition
    This is a very longstanding customer sporting the Bronze design with five pages. This customer elected for our basic service, periodically using the self editing facilities available.www.imogendaulbynutrition.co.uk
  • Complementary therapy in South East London. Complementary therapies for Forest Hill and Greenwich
    This is a very longstanding site illustrating the Curvy ColourMax design with six pages. The South London Centre For Complementary Health subscribes to our basic service, making periodic use of the Administration Area.www.slcchealth.co.uk
  • Ancient Therapies
    This link shows a site made live way back in 2008 with a six page Social ColourMax design and default styling. Sarah Clark Ancient Therapies requested our basic package and makes regular use of the update area.www.ancienttherapies.co.uk
  • Caroline Lisle
    Here's a site launched in 2008 featuring Bronze (includes user customise options). This customer picked our basic service and takes good advantage of the self editing facilities available. You'll see that this client also incorporates a dynamic verification seal from the Association of Reflexologists.www.carolinelisletherapies.co.uk
  • A to Z Health
    Here's a very longstanding site sporting the Bronze option. This client requested our basic package and is an ad hoc user of our content editor.www.atozhealth.co.uk
  • Complementary Therapy in Arundel
    This is a customer with us since 2009 using the Bronze design with six pages. Yvonne Diment preferred our basic service, making ad hoc use of the Administration Area.www.sussexenergytherapy.co.uk
  • MPW Therapies
    Mina Wolton has trusted this website with us for over eight years and currently uses a six page bronze design unmodified by the client on our basic package. The website is user edited on occasion via the online Admin Area with most recent homepage update in July.www.healing-path.co.uk
  • Marilynn Hansen
    Marilynn Hansen has kept their site with us for over eight years and this month is using a five page Curvy ColourMax design with default colour scheme on our basic package. The website is user edited on occasion via the web based editor.www.marilynnhansen.org
  • Stratford Therapy
    Presenting one of our most loyal and longstanding clients built on Bronze (includes user customise options). Liz Hancock Life Coaching went for the larger 'basic plus' service, making ad hoc use of the potential for self updating.www.stratfordtherapy.co.uk
  • Maternity & Fertility Reflexology for Leigh on Sea, Southend & Basildonwww.fayprestonhealing.co.uk
  • Yoga classes for Pimlico and London - Yoga and teacher training and retreats in the UKwww.westminsterschoolofyoga.co.uk
  • Complementary therapy in Droitwich. Reiki and Reflexology for Redditch, Worcester & Bromsgrovewww.wellbeingholistics.co.uk
  • Kinesiology and Brain Gym in Winchester, Hampshire. Kinesiologist near Southamptonwww.mindandmovement.co.uk
  • Roy Hart Theatre Stimmtraining in Köln. Margaret Pikeswww.royhartstimme-koeln.com
  • Natural health in Haslemere. Naturopathy and nutrition for Guildford and Surrey www.florencemcveigh.co.uk
  • Complementary Therapy in Bognor Regis. Alternative health and stress management for Chichester and West Sussexwww.equilibrewellbeing.co.uk
  • Homeopathy and Reflexology in High Wycombe, near Marlow. Aromatherapy near Beaconsfieldwww.anderson-complementarytherapies.co.uk
  • Reflexology and holistic massage in East London and Hornchurch. Ear candling for Essexwww.josiehipperson-reflexology.co.uk
  • Beauty treatments in Golders Green. Reflexology and pregnancy massage for North West Londonwww.wellbeingbeautysalon.co.uk
  • Sports & Pregnancy Massage for Windsor and Maidenhead. Osteopathy near Sloughwww.teamhealthwindsor.co.uk
  • Alternative health in Exeter and London. Homeopathy and Acupuncture for Devonwww.drleeburton.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapy for Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds. Metabolic Balance and Reflexology near Ipswichwww.feelgood-nutriway.co.uk
  • Bach Flower workshops in the UK. Bach Flower practitioner training courses in Londonwww.bachcourses.co.uk
  • Complementary therapy for Cullompton and Exeter. Acupuncture and Osteopathy in Devonwww.culmvalleynaturalhealth.co.uk
  • Shiatsu and Craniosacral Therapy in North West London. Chi Kungwww.teahan-therapies.com
  • Reflexology and Reiki in Banbury. Indian Head Massage for Oxfordshirewww.rebeccanichol.com
  • Pilates for Northwood and Pinner. One to one Pilates classes in North West Londonwww.pilateslifestyle.co.uk
  • Beauty therapist near Lakeside. Beauty therapy and Electrolysis in Grays Essexwww.siansbeautyroom.co.uk
  • Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy for Epsom and Leatherhead. Indian Head Massage in Surreywww.heathers-holistics.co.uk
  • Personal fitness trainer for Woking and Guildford. training to lose weight in Weybridgewww.dmgpersonaltraining.co.uk
  • Hypnotherapy & Meditation in South East London . Hypnotherapist in Bromley and Chislehurst. Learn how to meditatewww.changeinmind.co.uk
  • Life Coaching & Tarot Readings for Ruislip and Harrow . Stress Management for Watfordwww.annieandrews.co.uk
  • Massage for Canary Wharf and east London I Reiki and Yoga in Docklandswww.thequietspace.com
  • Colonic hydrotherapy for Wembley and Central London I Colonic irrigation for north west Londonwww.wembleycolonics.co.uk
  • Vibrational Therapy training for Arundel and Chichester I Crystal Therapy courses and Energy Therapy Training in West Sussexwww.in-balanceacademy.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapy in Windsor. Nutritionist for weight loss near Sloughwww.positive-nutrition.net
  • Reflexologist for Redhill and Reigate. Baby Massage and Reflexology near Oxtedwww.georginawillstherapies.co.uk
  • Theta Healing for north London and Enfield I Massage and Reiki for Bounds Greenwww.mosinghhealing.com
  • Nutritional Therapist for Surrey and Online Nutrition Consultation. Nutritionist in South Londonwww.towardsoptimumhealth.com
  • Bowen Technique and Health Kinesiology in Swindon, Wiltshire. Reiki treatments near Cirencesterwww.soleharmony.co.uk
  • Chiropractic in Northampton. Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy for Pembrokeshire and Wellingboroughwww.stfrancisclinic.co.uk
  • Complementary therapy in Sheffield. Hypnotherapy and Reflexology near Rotherhamwww.dawnmccurdy.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapy for Godalming and Guildford. Nutrition Therapist near Haslemerewww.carolynholmes.co.uk
  • Massage for Chiswick and West London. Lymphatic Drainage therapy near Hammersmithwww.chiswickmassage.co.uk
  • Osteopathy for Crowthorne and Wokingham. Cranial osteopathy and Sports Massage near Bracknellwww.nhc-clinic.co.uk
  • Mediumship in England. Spirit Entity Removal and Psychic Readings from the UKwww.lovebeingyou.co.uk
  • Reflexology in Nottingham. Massage Therapy and Reiki for West Bridgfordwww.innersmiletherapies.co.uk
  • Complementary Therapy for Battersea and Clapham. Colonic irrigation Hydrotherapy in south west Londonwww.willinghealth.com
  • Massage in Teignmouth Devon. Reiki and Ilahinoorwww.boldickhealing.co.uk
  • Reflexology in Taunton. Massage and Fertility Reflexology for Somersetwww.irenecox.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapist in Penzance. Reflexology and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy for St Ives and West Cornwallwww.clareling.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapist near Telford and Stafford. Nutritional Therapy and Metabolic Balance for Shrewsburywww.feedtosucceed.co.uk
  • Homeopath for Radlett and St Albans. Homeopathy and Reiki in North Londonwww.inbalancetherapies.co.uk
  • Reflexology for South and West Edinburgh. Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy near West Lothianwww.thetherapy-works.com
  • Reflexology for Slough and Windsor. Aromatherapy and Massage therapy near Maidenheadwww.greenmobiletherapies.co.uk
  • Reflexology for Colchester. Massage Therapy and Reiki near Merseawww.teresamorsetherapies.com
  • Reflexology for St Albans and Harpenden. Massage and Osteopathy near Radlettwww.bonellitherapies.co.uk
  • Herbal Medicine in Chichester near Bognor Regis. Herbal Remedy Workshop and Herbalist in West Sussexwww.emmasherbalclinic.co.uk
  • EFT for Chipping Norton and Banbury. Complementary Therapy and Matrix Reimprinting near Oxfordwww.harte2heart.co.uk
  • Craniosacral Therapy for Malvern and Worcester. Therapist for Chronic Fatigue in Worcestershirewww.craniosacralmalvern.co.uk
  • Doula in South East London. Postnatal and birth doula for Central Londonwww.thamesdoula.co.uk
  • Aromatherapy for Horsham and Southwater. Indian Head Massage and Reflexology near Ashingtonwww.emmaweavertherapies.co.uk
  • Sports Massage for Bracknell and Slough. Manipulative Therapy in west Londonwww.sportshealer.com
  • Energy Healing for Queens Park and Hampstead. Reiki and Hypnotherapy in North West Londonwww.healingangelsusie.com
  • Reflexology in Appledore near Bideford. Reflexologist and Allergy Testing in North Devonwww.christinemanley.co.uk
  • Allergy Testing for Manchester and Preston. Food Intolerance Testing near Boltonwww.northwest-allergy-testing-clinics.co.uk
  • Pilates classes for Suffolk and Norfolk. Pilates sessions and Massage Therapy in East Angliawww.orchidfitness.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapist for Beverley and Bridlington. Nutrition therapy in East Yorkshirewww.christinejacksonmanornutrition.co.uk
  • Pilates for Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead. Pilates classes and lessons near Watfordwww.bodylovepilates.net
  • Chiropodist in Southport and Birkdale. Mobile Chiropody on Merseysidewww.walkonairchiropody.co.uk
  • Acupuncture in Enfield and Winchmore Hill. Reiki and fertility IVF support for North Londonwww.acucarma.co.uk
  • Nutritionist near Chipping Norton and Banbury. Personal training and nutritional therapy near Oxfordwww.healthbyhoney.com
  • Life Coach in Hemel Hempstead near St Albans. Hypnotherapy and Reiki in Hertfordshirewww.gill-brook.co.uk
  • Nutritional Therapy for Hampstead and Belsize Park. Naturopathy and Herbalist in North West Londonwww.healthrevisited.com
  • Reflexology and Reiki for Solihull and Knowle. Hypnotherapy in south Birminghamwww.solihullholistichealth.co.uk
  • Food intolerance and allergy test in England and Wales. Hair testing for allergies in the UKwww.allergy-testing-uk.com
  • Reflexology and Massage Therapy near Bromley. Reflexologist near Croydon, South Londonwww.soothingtimes.co.uk
  • Nutritionist in Willesden near Wembley. Nutritional therapy and medicine in North West Londonwww.vitanutritionalmedicine.co.uk
  • Reflexology Newmarket and Cambridge. Reiki and Crystal Healing Jewellery in the UKwww.art-isann.co.uk
  • Heal Your Life workshops for Ruislip and Uxbridge. EFT and Reiki near Harrowwww.qtm-andfly.co.uk
  • Pilates classes in West Bridgford, Nottingham. Pilates teacher for south Nottinghamwww.primemoverspilatessolutions.co.uk
  • Respite care and support service in Bexhill on Sea. Live in care near Hastings in Sussexwww.sussexrespiteandsupport.com
  • Nutritional Therapy for Fleet and Farnborough. Nutrition and Reflexology in North Hampshirewww.live-young-longer.com
  • Reflexologist in central London. Aromatherapy & Reflexology for London Bridge & Southwarkwww.michellehelenetherapies.com
  • Reflexology and Aromatherapy in Wolverhampton. Reflexologist near Dudley in the West Midlandswww.kirstyparkestherapies.com
  • Reiki and Reflexology for Cheltenham and Gloucester. Reflexologist in the Cotswoldswww.thehealingcompany.com
  • Counselling for Saffron Walden and Thaxted. Counsellor and Personal Development near Bishops Stortfordwww.therapyroomsw.co.uk
  • Sleep Consultant in Crouch End North London. Baby sleep training for Muswell Hillwww.katiefischersleepconsultant.co.uk
  • Speech Therapist in Surrey. Speech and Language Therapy for Walton on Thames and Weybridgewww.jennilindingertherapies.co.uk
  • Reflexology and Reiki near Widnes. Massage Therapy near Warrington and Merseysidewww.hands-on-healing.co.uk
  • Complementary Therapist in Tewkesbury. Allergy Testing & Reflexology near Cheltenham & Gloucesterwww.moretherap-ease.co.uk
  • Naturopathy for Neath & Swansea. Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia help in Port Talbotwww.sincerityhealthandwellbeing.co.uk
  • Reflexology Woodbridge and Aldeburgh. Reiki and Massage in Suffolkwww.dgholistictherapies.com
  • Sports Massage in Hay On Wye. Massage Therapy for Herefordshirewww.haytherapies.co.uk
  • Reiki in Heswall Merseyside. Indian Head Massage & Reflexology for Wirralwww.creating-balance.co.uk
  • Reflexology for Tidworth & Salisbury. Reflexologist & Pregnancy Massage near Andoverwww.lavenderblueholistictherapies.co.uk
  • Lymphatic Drainage in Kensington & Wimbledon. Lymphoedema Treatment & Reflexology Massage for south west Londonwww.lymph-therapy.co.uk
  • Homeopath in Ipswich and Hove. Homeopathy and Iridology in Sussexwww.truehealing.co.uk
  • Hypnotherapy and Reflexology in Midhurst. Hypnotherapist near Haslemere and Chichesterwww.jackie-cox.com
  • Reflexology for Kettering & Wellingborough. Reiki & Life Coaching near Northamptonwww.seebewellbeing.net
  • Reflexology and Reiki in Aberlour. Reflexologist in Moray and Speysidewww.nickyandrewstherapies.com
  • NLP for Walthamstow & Leyton. Reflexology & Complementary Therapy in north Londonwww.yaseminktherapies.com
  • Complementary Therapy for Penzance & Helston. Massage Therapy & Reiki in Cornwallwww.geminitouch.com
  • Reflexology for Abingdon & Didcot. Massage & Bowen Technique in Oxfordshirewww.waterlilytherapies.com
  • Massage Therapy and Indian Head Massage in Cambridge. Mobile Beauty Therapist in Cambridgewww.finger-tips.org.uk
  • Pregnancy Yoga and Antenatal Classes in Tidworth. Hypnobirthing near Salisbury in Wiltshirewww.beautifulbumpsandbeyond.co.uk
  • Reflexology Courses for Greenford & Ealing. Massage & Complementary Therapy in west Londonwww.solascomplementarytherapies.com
  • IBS Therapy with Nutritionist in Bromley. SIBO Specialist near in South London, UKwww.ibsresolve.com
  • Reflexology for Eastleigh & Southampton. Holistic Facials & Massage Therapy near Winchesterwww.littlelavenderroom.co.uk
  • Craniosacral Therapy in Wembley North West London. Craniosacral Therapist near Harrowwww.dscraniosacral.com
  • Nutritional Therapy in Abbey Wood South East London. Nutrition Therapistwww.selfhealingwithnutrition.com
  • Reflexology in Hove. Massage Therapy & Reiki for Worthing & Brightonwww.tatlertherapies.com
  • Celebrant in Kent. Wedding & Funeral Celebrant for Ashford & Hastingswww.timelessceremonies.co.uk
  • Reflexology and Kinesiology in Bamburgh. Reiki near Alnwick in Northumberlandwww.balancemewell.co.uk
  • Weight Management in Uxbridge west London. Isagenix Sports Nutrition near Ruislipwww.pathwaytotransformation.co.uk
  • How to be Spiritual. Angel Teacher training for Fareham and Hampshire. Reiki classeswww.completeangel.com
  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in Chiang Mai Thailandwww.aquariushealth.webhealer.net
  • Biorhythms, biorhythm research and Tai-Chi . The London Biorhythm Companywww.jacynthacrawley.com
  • Kinesiology in London and Guildford. EFT and Kinesiologist in Exeterwww.findthecause.com
  • Chiropractor in Cardiff City Centre. McTimoney Chiropractic in South Waleswww.cardiffhealthpractice.co.uk
  • Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and Massage in The Square Mile, Central Londonwww.citybodyworks.co.uk
  • Metamorphic Technique in Inverness Scotland. Personal Transformationwww.metamorphictechniquescotland.co.uk
  • Hair loss treatment and wigs for south east England. Trichology in Kentwww.hairlosslondon.org.uk
  • Kinesiology for Hampshire - Kinesiology Training and Touch for Healthwww.kinesiology4health.com
  • Ethical Marketing, Business Mentoring, SME Support, North London - Ethical Enterpriseswww.ethicalenterprises.com
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